Top secret LinkedIn engagement tip to get your lead-generation machine going

Top Secret LinkedIn engagement tip to get your LinkedIn lead-generation machine going!

Are you struggling with growing your coaching business on LinkedIn? What’s your biggest challenge? Let me guess, it’s engaging with the right people who can become your potential clients. Am I right? From experience I know, that this is one of the most common challenges that coaches and other health & well-being professionals struggle with […]

The not so secret formula to the perfect LinkedIn post

It might feel like a mystery to craft the perfect LinkedIn post that resonates with your ideal customer, that reaches the right people and that inspires them to comment, like and share. There’s both, an art and science involved when it comes to creating updates on LinkedIn that work! In this post, you’ll find a […]

You don’t have to obsess over your numbers!

Now this might be another unpopular opinion, but I want you to hear me out because I have my reasons: stop being so obsessed with your numbers.  Before I go any further, a short disclaimer…

Writing again

Why do we stop doing what we love and enjoy and start doing things we dread or even hate? Today I want to mainly focus on the first part: “Why do we stop?” Recently I’ve been thinking about why I stopped writing.

You don’t have to do video

Now I’m going to say something that might shock many of you and go against everything you’ve been hearing for the last few years: Stop Doing Video! Wait! What? Okay, so it may be an exaggeration, but please hear me out. After all, I’m writing this blog for your benefit, not mine 🙂

Noise. Lots of noise!

We live in a very noisy world where people are constantly shouting over each other. Where we fight with others to convince algorithms to give us more time and space. We fight with others as well as with ourselves to grab more people’s attention.

Always start with marketing strategy, not tactics!

You know you should do this, right? But let’s be honest, it can be so tempting to overlook the marketing strategy and jump right in with the fun stuff. Without a strategy, though, how can you inform all the tactics that you are/want to use in your marketing?

Know thyself

Let’s be honest, do you truly know who you are? Are you clear on your values and passions? Do you have a clear idea about what your signature strengths are and what type of personality you are?

Pssst! You don’t have to be on social media!

I’m going to let you into a little secret; one that will probably shock you. You do NOT have to be on social media to be successful and have an amazing business. Wait, what!?