What I learnt this week… focus on community and collaboration

Welcome to this week’s roundup. Could you believe that this is already number 10! High five to me for sticking to this weekly routine.

Benefits of collaboration and being part of a community

You might already know that I talk a lot about being part of a community, building long-lasting relationships and seeking new opportunities for collaboration. During the past week, I’ve realised yet again how important (and fruitful in the long run) is building a strong network of business friends.

Not only that your community will help to spread a good word of mouth about your business, but you’ll get an invaluable support team at hand.

I don’t mean just being a part of a Facebook group or occasionally visiting the same networking event. I’m talking about supporting each other in a genuine and authentic way, selflessly with no selling involved. I hear you asking ‘but how will people know what services I offer?’. Well, the answer is simple – provide them with valuable content, answer their questions and be helpful. That’s how!

Feeling overwhelmed by running your business?

I often see that starting entrepreneurs struggle with feeling overwhelmed and keeping a healthy work-life balance. You’re not alone, I’m still finding my way. In a year (or so) of being in business for myself, I’ve learned that the answer is usually pretty simple – you are in control!

Maybe it’s just me being a control freak and feeling anxious when I have to rely on other people and their decisions, but I find running my own business fairly relaxing (once you figure out how to juggle multiple balls at the same time and take control over your day/week/month/success).

One simple thing that really helped me gain control and find balance was practising mindfulness to be able to effectively switch off and relax! And also taking enough time out of the business to rest (not working all evening and weekends, regularly going on holiday and having time for hobbies).

What’s your trick to letting go and dealing with overwhelm? I’d love to hear your solutions!

Make me ‘viral’

There was one less positive learning last week! I’ve again heard a few clients demanding to ‘make them viral’. It usually comes from people just starting with social media – with no fan base, with no attempts to build a community or to stick to a consistent routine and with no budget!

Let me set this issue straight once and for all – there’s no magic formula for making a video (photo, product, brand) go viral! Overnight success doesn’t exist (especially on social media). Becoming known takes time and effort!

To succeed on social media you must commit to showing up every single day, providing people with great content that adds value, engage in conversations and build relationships. Brands who managed to ‘go viral’ with their video spent hours and hours testing their ideas, improving their videos and building a supporting network (or they have massive budgets on advertising).

There’s no shortcut to success!

Happy Healthy Entrepreneur

Book Corner

I don’t have a book recommendation for you this week, as I didn’t have the time to start or continue reading any new books, but I have one amazing podcast I’d like to introduce you!

It’s the Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast with Sarah Swanton and I’m absolutely over the moon about this podcast, as it features real entrepreneurs, with real challenges as you and me!

What I actually like [about being my own boss] is the flexibility. I like being able to go ‘Oh, I’ve done that earlier’ and have a day off the next day. – Lucy Payne

Have you listened to any of Sarah’s episodes? Share your learnings with others in comments.