Networking Tips for Introverts

Whether you like it or not, networking is a fundamental part of running a business – especially if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, solopreneur or similar.

What I learnt this week… delivering great presentations and the future of work

The past week was another exciting and super busy one for me. On Monday, I got back from my Easter trip down to Cornwall, where I managed to unplug completely (not 100% voluntarily, though, because our cottage didn’t have a proper wifi connection). On Tuesday, I had to jump straight back in and catch up […]

What I learnt this week… making your own decisions and embracing change

I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Every time I wake up, I feel like another week has already passed. The end of the year is coming at me at a scary speed.

What I learnt this week… the art of connecting people

Building new partnerships Last week was really exciting as I finally met two amazing people I’ve known from Twitter for a long time.

What I learnt this week… the power of networking and partnerships

The past week was like a roller coaster. I knew that it would be busy as I had many goals and events scheduled, plus some unfinished tasks from the previous week. Had I been writing this roundup on Tuesday, it would be a completely different article as so much has happened just over the past […]

What I learnt this week… being myself and saying no

Hello again, it’s great to see you coming back for more learning nuggets. The importance of being able to say NO!