You don’t have to obsess over your numbers!

Now this might be another unpopular opinion, but I want you to hear me out because I have my reasons: stop being so obsessed with your numbers.  Before I go any further, a short disclaimer…

Pssst! You don’t have to be on social media!

I’m going to let you into a little secret; one that will probably shock you. You do NOT have to be on social media to be successful and have an amazing business. Wait, what!?

How to maintain progress by being consistently inconsistent

While I was running the other day, I realised that I don’t run (or do any exercise for that matter) consistently. In fact, you could say I’m consistently inconsistent.

2019 social media resolutions: Have you made yours yet?

We are already halfway through January, so if you haven’t decided on your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 yet, you’d better pull your finger out. Obviously, I’m really hoping some of your resolutions are social media-based and that’s one of the reasons I wrote this post. I hope it gives you some inspiration…

10 ways to boost engagement on your Facebook Page

Since Facebook’s big algorithm update earlier this year, I keep hearing complaints about poor reach on Facebook business pages. And while it’s true that organic reach has taken a hit in recent times, what really makes me angry is so-called social media ‘gurus’ claiming that Facebook is now only a ‘pay to play platform’. The […]

The Facebook News Feed is changing: what it means for your business

There’s been a lot of speculation in recent months about whether Facebook was looking to make people’s News Feeds more personal once more and reduce the number of brand/page posts being displayed.

Getting started with Instagram – part 1

By diversifying your social media marketing efforts, you can reach new audiences and get even more exposure for your brand. Instagram is another big platform that many businesses are experiencing great success on. But is it right for you?

Getting started with Twitter – part 2

Hopefully, you will have had time to read my previous blog post about getting started with Twitter. If you haven’t, please take five minutes to do so now as this post builds on the basic tips and tricks outlined in the last one. It will make much more sense if you’ve read part one of […]

Hashtags on social media: do you know how to use them?

Today, I want to talk about hashtags. Those simple additions you see in social media posts that are designed to enhance discoverability are actually quite complicated when you scratch the surface.