Twitter’s new 280-character limit: how will it change your tweet game?

Part of Twitter’s charm has always been its 140-character limit. This novel restriction that has been in place since the social network was launched in March 2006 has continually been the subject of much debate, with one side saying it adds to the overall appeal and the other arguing that it excessively limits what people […]

Getting started with Twitter – part 1

Even though Twitter was first unveiled back in March 2006, its relevance as a social media platform and, therefore, potential business marketing tool hasn’t diminished.

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Chats (small business edition)

I’m a huge fan of Twitter chats; I think it’s a great way to learn, engage and meet like-minded people. As a social media professional, I’m often joining different Twitter chats to stay up-to-date with online trends, best practices and also to build relationships with other fellow marketers.