What I learnt this week: introducing weekly roundup

A lot has changed this past week and I thought it might be a good idea to reflect and share some of my experiences, ideas and learnings with you.

I don’t vlog because I still don’t feel ready to be in front of the camera just yet. I know the day will come, but right now I’m not there yet. And that’s ok.

In this roundup I’d love to share a few ‘firsts’ I’ve experienced in the past week:

  • The first week I decided to spend the whole of Monday working on myself and my business. Even though it ended up in a disaster as my website and email went down and I spent most of the day getting it back, I was really pleased with how much I got done when I focus and don’t constantly check my emails.
  • My first official coaching session with my business mentor – so many questions, so many things to do, so many ideas. I’m so excited!
  • The first video I was willing to appear in! It took me by surprise and it was really scary, but I did it anyway. Still waiting to see how it turned out to see if I’m happy to spread it into the world.
  • First time driving since I moved to the UK. For a long time, I was dreading driving on the left side of the road, changing gears with my left hand and in general driving in a really busy area like Cambridge. Last week, I finally convinced myself to use my Zipcar membership and book a car! It wasn’t that scary in the end (even though I cheated a little bit by hiring an automatic car).

But these firsts aren’t the only reason why I’ve decided to start a weekly roundup. I’m getting asked more and more often about the development of my freelancing business, my achievements and lessons, so I thought you might be interested in joining me on my journey.

Last week was full of discoveries for me. I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I’ve put all my dreams and my plans onto paper and also created my first vision board to constantly keep my eye on the prize.

Talking with others gave me lots of insight about myself and my business vision. Too often freelancers hide behind their social media accounts and emails. If you’re working for yourself it’s important to find a group of trusted ‘business friends’ with whom you can talk openly about ups and downs. We can all learn so much from each other!

Book corner

I love reading books, even though recently I’m mostly only listening to audiobooks, I’d like to share a bit of wisdom from them with you.

Last week, I started reading The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life by Bernard Roth and this paragraph really resonated with me:

‘for you to succeed (…) does not require you cut down the other person,  if anything complimenting your rival shows class, just work on yourself, be concerned with your own strengths and qualifications and don’t worry what your competitors are up to.’

How do you feel about your competitors? Are they a threat or a potential ally to you? Let me know in comments or on Twitter!