about me

Are you trying to do
everything in your marketing?

Does this sound like you?

You are spending hours coming up with social media posts for several different platforms, trying to keep up with stories, write articles, do videos, appear on people’s shows, and do email marketing.

You are exhausted and overwhelmed.

You struggle to stay consistent with your content, emails, and marketing posts and then get cross with yourself. You feel you are letting yourself down. Every time you think of a new service, you dread all the marketing activity you have been told you should be doing and get disheartened. You might even wish you could outsource your marketing.

i’m here to give you permission to stop trying to be everywhere at once. To say you don’t have to pay attention to everything everyone else is doing and compare your efforts to theirs.

When you work with me, we work on one thing at a time. One message, to one person. It’s more manageable, less overwhelming – and a lot more effective.

You won’t want to outsource any more. You will find the way that works for you. I will give you the tools to explore and develop a roadmap for your marketing, and if you want me to, I can be your guide.

Hi! – I’m LENKA!

You might have seen me speak at a conference, heard me on a podcast, or seen me in an article online. I’m m an organic marketing strategist, working with solopreneurs building businesses to support their dream life.

I started out as a journalist and then moved into marketing where I fell in love with the freedom and creativity of sharing ideas, and messages and using them to help businesses make sales. But I speak to so many business owners who hate marketing and dread it being on their task list.

If this is you, then let’s s talk. Come and tell me your marketing worries and questions and then we will work together to create a marketing strategy that you will love. One that shares your personality and expertise, helping you develop your personal brand.

lose your fear of marketing!

By taking away your stress and fear of marketing, I’ll help you run more effective marketing campaigns to grow your business and have more freedom to live life on your own terms.

I’ll show you how to bring psychology and neuroscience into your business marketing. It sounds intense but it’s really not. It’s about creating marketing based on human nature and behaviour. Marketing needs to be personal.

It needs to be authentic and it needs to be YOU. you’re e going to have fun using your creativity to share how you help with your community.

If you are looking for a better work-life balance, I can guide you. You will develop an effective marketing funnel that supports your business and ultimately helps you have the life you always wanted.

Kind words

Lenka is a passionate, highly skilled and professional social media marketing expert. She goes out of her way to provide her clients and community value and expertees. Lenka is people driven, kind and honest with her approach and always has the time to help. I’m proud that she’s part of my close business network and I cannot wait to see what adventure she goes on next.

jemima willcox

Outside my business, I am a hiker, outdoor swimmer and love a good adventure. I’m an explorer in business as well as in my free time and I love learning new things.

Want to know something personal about me?  i’m an only child, an introvert and Gemini.

let’s make your marketing less stressful together…