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free yourself from marketing confusion and use organic marketing combined with human psychology to build your business.

Find yourself in your marketing and unleash your creativity

Running your business is an adventure. You never know what’s around the corner. There are constant surprises and delights, along with the odd wrong turn or mishap along the way. Some things can trip you up, like your marketing.

You might find you are going round in circles, always coming back to the same place. Or you might be feeling negative about marketing, not getting the results you want. But with a bit of planning you can create great marketing which attracts your ideal clients and is fun to create. You are building a life on your own terms. Your marketing can be unique to you too.

Find out how to leave the crowds behind and create your own oasis where your customers cheer you on and there is no competition.

how can i help you?

Are you feeling lost in the marketing maze? So many options! Tell me where you want to go and who you want to come with you. I will narrow down the options for you, answer your questions, and help you set your goals. No more overwhelm.

Once you know where you want your marketing to take you, I will supply you with a map, compass and supplies for your journey. The Roadmap gives you a 12 month plan and shows you the waymarkers you need to pay attention to as you go.

You wouldn’t set out to climb Everest or run a marathon without training first. Whether you want to learn how to use a platform, need to understand what metrics to track, or help to craft your message, get bespoke training at Basecamp. 

Do you want me to help you on your journey? I will guide you along the path we have mapped out together. You have freedom to enjoy the journey while I take care of the practicalities. You will arrive at your destination feeling joyful.

Run a charity, non-profit or
community organisation?

I’d love to help you achieve your Organic Marketing goals through specialist training sessions. And the best part is that I can help you pro bono, so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about securing a slot on one of my strategy and training sessions.

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your guide, friend, mentor and your biggest cheerleader on your organic marketing journey!

Kind words

Wow that was the best investment of 2 hours of my life! If you want to get on and do your thing instead of wasting time faffing about, don’t hesitate to book a session with Lenka. All my questions were answered, technical problems fixed, expert advice I didn’t even know I needed….. Now I have a clear plan in place for what next and how to make the most efficient use of my time – highly recommended! 

Diane Bamber