Saying NO and setting boundaries

Hands up who’s good at saying NO!

Well done if you’re one of those people who can easily say NO. You must be one of those rare people who are able to have clearly set boundaries. For me, it’s an ongoing journey that takes me two steps forward and one step back…

Finding time to focus on YOU!

Even though my purpose is to help others and serve others, I’ve learnt about the importance of making sure I’ve put some time aside for myself.

My automatic response to any request is to say YES. I want to help people, I like helping people and I enjoy being needed and valued. But it’s not sustainable and I usually end up overwhelmed, frustrated and overbooked.

I constantly have to remind myself to pause, take time to think and then say yes or no, following careful consideration. No doesn’t need to mean never, it might simply mean not now, not like this.

I need to learn better how to protect our headspace because if I don’t put myself first and don’t protect my own health, happiness, mental state, then my businesses won’t thrive and I won’t be able to support others to the best of my abilities.

It can be to focus on my business or my personal development. It can be to work ON the business instead of always working IN the business or it can be time for yourself, to rest, study, exercise or meditate, that’s up to you. But it’s your time, it’s non-negotiable and you allow yourself this time even when you have a never-ending do-to list.

This is one habit that I’m still working on and I have to remind myself regularly that it is OK to say no, that it is OK to set boundaries, it is OK to say sorry I changed my mind and I can’t do this anymore/now, it is OK to take some time for yourself, your friends or family and/or your business. 

Take control back

2020 was a year when a lot of control was taken away from me and when I’ve unknowingly given out a lot of control to other people. This year I’m taking control back. I’m focusing on the things I can control and I’m becoming better at keeping an eye on when I’m handing over control to other people.

But more of this subject later…

For today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the importance of knowing how to say NO and setting up clear boundaries to protect your time, energy and headspace!

How about you? Do you have any tricks to remember to pause, consider and then intentionally decide whether you really want to say YES or if it needs to be NO at this time!?