What do you do, when you no longer know where you’re going?

Let me explain what I mean… What if things happen in life that force you to cancel your plans, change your plans many times and force you to head into a new direction that you didn’t choose?

What I learnt this week… dealing with an identity crisis

Following on from last week’s weekly roundup where I talked about burnout, this week, I’m going to focus on travelling and dealing with an identity crisis.

What I learnt this week… people can surprise you

This past week was my last week back home. After my dad’s sudden death, I’ve spent almost a month with my family. I was as excited to go back to work and see my friends as I was terrified to leave my mum alone.

What I learnt this week… how it feels to be award-winning

Bear with me. Before I get to the crux of this week’s roundup, I want to go back to the beginning of the week.

What I learnt this week… it’s all worth it!

It feels somehow appropriate to be writing the 20th weekly roundup on a Sunday afternoon, sitting in a buzzing cafe in Basel, Switzerland after 5 amazing days off. It proves that all I’ve been working for and towards is achievable and that it’s actually not that difficult to build your life the way you want […]

What I learnt this week… appreciate how far I’ve come so far

Work-life balance Finding the right balance between busily building your business and sustaining a healthy personal life is really difficult, especially in the early stages of your business journey.