Getting Started with Facebook For Business – Part Three

In this third and final part of my Facebook for Business series, we will look at how you can leverage Facebook Ads to get your business in front of new people, as well as take a peek at Facebook Insights and see what value they hold for your business.

Getting Started with Facebook For Business – Part Two

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably arrived here after clicking a link in the first post of my three-part Facebook for Business series. If you’ve just landed here randomly, while I’m flattered, this second part of my Facebook for Business guide will make a lot more sense if you read its predecessor first: Getting Started […]

Getting Started with Facebook for Business – Part One

Now before we look at Facebook and go over why you should absolutely be using it as a marketing vehicle for your business, I want to first touch on the Facebook Newsfeed change that happened at the start of 2018 (that changed the Facebook game forever).

10 ways to boost engagement on your Facebook Page

Since Facebook’s big algorithm update earlier this year, I keep hearing complaints about poor reach on Facebook business pages. And while it’s true that organic reach has taken a hit in recent times, what really makes me angry is so-called social media ‘gurus’ claiming that Facebook is now only a ‘pay to play platform’. The […]

The Facebook News Feed is changing: what it means for your business

There’s been a lot of speculation in recent months about whether Facebook was looking to make people’s News Feeds more personal once more and reduce the number of brand/page posts being displayed.