Taking control back!

Who’s the driver of your life? Are you the one in the driver’s seat or have you given up the control over your vehicle?

In my post last week I touched on the topic of Taking Control Back this year. And it’s a big one for me!

We’re currently living in a world where a lot of things are NOT in our control. There’s more uncertainty than ever before and that’s something that our brains don’t like.

Some people handle uncertainty and not being in control better than others, but I personally HATE not being in control. It frustrates me, it scares me and ultimately it makes me give up, retreat, hide, avoid doing anything because ‘I can’t control it’.

My plans have been changed for me many times in the past couple of years, but there has always been a bit of control in these new unexpected situations. But in 2020, on top of all the new limitations because of my family situation, the world has also decided to take away many other freedoms, possibilities and abilities to be free and flexible. And I didn’t take it too well, I must admit.

The less control I had, the less I could be bothered to deal with anything, do anything, care about anything…

I gave up on many things, I started hiding more and avoiding dealing with things altogether. It’s not the best coping strategy and ultimately it didn’t help me at all. But we can only do what we can at the moment!

That’s why during the holidays, I did a lot of soul searching and looking for solutions, opportunities and things I CAN control.

Look for things you CAN control!

This year and going forward, I’m proactively looking for things I can control and trying my best to let go of the rest.

I might not be able to control whether I can travel, move away from my family for the time being or go out to work from a cafe, but I can control how I spend my time, what I pay attention to, what ideas, people and content I surround myself with and with practice I can control how I feel about things and how I react.

It goes hand in hand with setting boundaries for myself and knowing when to say YES, maybe or NO. I talked about this in my last post and I’ve got some great comments, advice and words of encouragement from my community. Thank you!

Taking control back is a big thing for me in 2021. I’m learning to pay more attention to how I feel, how certain people, actions, conversations make me feel and if this feeling is something I want to be experiencing or not going forward.

I’m trying to be a lot more intentional with how I’m spending your time. Prioritising time affluence over money affluence, as having time to do what I want is more important to me than having a tone of money to buy new stuff.

I’m not saying that money and time don’t go hand in hand, but for me, I’d rather have more time to learn something new about myself, for myself, have fun and spend time doing things that truly make me happy, than making extra £££ each month. In practice, this comes down to working smart, not hard and being strategic with my time and efforts.

Anyway, that’s my bit for this week. Take control back. Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest!

Once you start focusing more inwards and taking control back, you’ll realise there’s still a lot that is in your hands and that you can change. And that’s super empowering and energising!