The art of content repurposing: How to get the most out of your blog posts

We know that we need to publish fresh, unique, valuable content on our website regularly. We often keep chasing the next big thing, new idea, that something different and it can lead to us forgetting to look back and leverage what we already have.

Tell me, when you write a new blog post, how many times do you share it on your social media (and I don’t mean sharing the same headline or sentence all over again)? How many ways do you repurpose your article?

What if I told you that you can easily create 10 or even 20 unique pieces of content out of your existing blog posts? Don’t believe me? Keep reading, I’ll show you how easy it can be!

Reuse your content on social media!

After you’ve published a new blog post, create a handful of different social media updates straight away. There are plenty of ways to repurpose one piece of content on social media to get more exposure and increase your traffic, as well as engage your audience and build stronger relationships with them.

Remember, each subheading and even each paragraph can be a standalone piece of content. Almost every sentence could potentially be a quote and each blog post can be converted into many different forms of content like video, a slideshow or an infographic.

Let’s have a look at the top 11 ways to repurpose your blog post into individual social media posts:

  1. Quotes – each piece of content will include plenty of amazing quotes that you can use as a standalone piece of educational content, a conversation starter or an inspiration.
  2. Questions – you can share a thought-provoking question that may just spark a conversation.
  3. List – create a list of bullet points that summarise the article. Give people a taste of what’s in it for them if they click to read more.
  4. Teaser – Hook people in by sharing an exciting, bold or thought-provoking teaser. Think about movie teasers – how could you replicate their model into your content?
  5. Fact – Draw people’s attention to the article by pointing out some of the interesting facts mentioned within it. You can start your post with an attention-grabbing question like: ‘Did you know that…?’
  6. Solve the pain – Remember your audience’s pain points and tell them what’s in it for them, what problem will it solve for them and what value will it add.
  7. Resources – Go back to your resources and use them as a leverage to get more exposure. Share why you’ve decided to include their content, what you’ve learnt from them and why should people check them out.
  8. Get visual – Every image has a story and every image can be a story in its own right. Reuse all images used within the article to showcase different parts of your content.
  9. Video – You can easily turn your blog posts into videos by creating a slideshow, an animation or you can “go live” and share your top tips from this piece of content.
  10. How-tos – In each piece of content, you’ll find specific how-to tips. You can use them one by one or pull them together into an overview post. You can also design a series of graphics with simple and actionable tips.
  11. Q&As – Present a problem discussed in your blog post and add a simple answer wanting people to know more.
    Answers to Who, What, When, Where and How questions – Collate the pain points and current problems your audiences are experiencing and turn them into an interactive blog post that makes them think you are speaking directly to them.

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea by now. There are plenty of ways that you can repurpose your content to create an unlimited number of social media updates.

Have I missed any of your favourite repurposing techniques? Let me know! Tweet me @lenkakopp or let me know in comments.