Top secret LinkedIn engagement tip to get your lead-generation machine going

Top Secret LinkedIn engagement tip to get your LinkedIn lead-generation machine going!

Are you struggling with growing your coaching business on LinkedIn?

What’s your biggest challenge?

Let me guess, it’s engaging with the right people who can become your potential clients. Am I right?

From experience I know, that this is one of the most common challenges that coaches and other health & well-being professionals struggle with on LinkedIn.

[OK, I know that there are many challenges that might be bothering you on LinkedIn, but go with me on this one please!]

In this post, I will share with you a simple, yet very powerful LinkedIn engagement tip to get your lead-generation machine going!

Here you go:

Take control of your timeline by proactively searching for your ideal customers!


You have the power to control your LinkedIn experience

Your timeline (news feed) is one of the most valuable places on LinkedIn. It’s where you get to see what’s going on in the world, what other professionals on this platform are up to and a place where you can start building meaningful relationships.

But, it’s important to be clear on WHO you actually should engage with!

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches making when it comes to getting traction on LinkedIn is ending up in a cluster of peers and competitors and struggling to see posts from their ideal prospects.

We need to make sure that we’re following and connecting with people who fit our target customer profile – and that requires a bit of proactive search.

Ultimately, we want our timeline to be filled with posts from people we would LOVE to work with and who face challenges we can help them with. (Or people who might have a network consisting of people who would be our perfect customers)

The Search bar is your best friend!

Located at the top of your page, the Search box is where the magic starts!

Over here you can search for job titles and people’s headlines to identify the right people to interact with. You can also search for content and hashtags that are relevant to you (and where your ideal customers might be talking about their challenges that you can help them solve).

Let’s say I know I want to work with Health Coaches. I’ll type “health coach” into the search bar and then I can filter the results depending on my needs.

From my experience, the most valuable categories in the Search are People, People who talk about and Posts.

Once you’ve identified a potential prospect or an interesting piece of content, go ahead and share a valuable comment on the post. You can also follow the person to make sure you’ll see their future post in your timeline (so you can easier engage with them regularly).

A quick note

I would recommend NOT Connecting with them straight away. Instead, click on the “Follow” button either displayed on their profile or under “More”.

Ease yourself in this new relationship slowly. Slow the people you know they exist and that you’re interested, but don’t rush to the “let’s be friends” stage yet.

It might happen that after these two steps [comment + follow] they will reach out to you with a Connection request. Yay, that’s awesome. Once connected, you can reach out to them with a short message thanking them for connecting and asking them an interesting question to get the conversation going.

This way, they are making the first big step and you are the one graciously accepting!

Content is not everything!

So much of LinkedIn advice focuses on what type of content, when and how you should be posting.

But as the Queen of Facebook Mari Smith has said:

“Content is King but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house.”

Building a Lead Generation Funnel on LinkedIn is all about engaging with the right people, connecting with them and building meaningful relationships. (Content does play an important role too but about that in another post)

It takes time to get started, but once you get the machine going, you’ll get a consistent flow of enquiries for as long as you keep showing up regularly!

And that’s my tried and tested engagement “hack” to make LinkedIn work for you and your business.


What do you think? Will you give it a try?

Have you been using this approach? If so, let me know how it’s been working for you over on LinkedIn

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