What I learnt this week… it’s all worth it!

It feels somehow appropriate to be writing the 20th weekly roundup on a Sunday afternoon, sitting in a buzzing cafe in Basel, Switzerland after 5 amazing days off. It proves that all I’ve been working for and towards is achievable and that it’s actually not that difficult to build your life the way you want […]

What I learnt this week… falling in love all over again

I am in love! Don’t worry, this won’t be a blog post about me dating and finding Prince Charming. Instead, I’ll be talking about falling in love all over again with myself, my business and my life.

What I learnt this week… appreciate how far I’ve come so far

Work-life balance Finding the right balance between busily building your business and sustaining a healthy personal life is really difficult, especially in the early stages of your business journey.

What I learnt this week: introducing weekly roundup

A lot has changed this past week and I thought it might be a good idea to reflect and share some of my experiences, ideas and learnings with you.