Writing again

Why do we stop doing what we love and enjoy and start doing things we dread or even hate? Today I want to mainly focus on the first part: “Why do we stop?” Recently I’ve been thinking about why I stopped writing.

Noise. Lots of noise!

We live in a very noisy world where people are constantly shouting over each other. Where we fight with others to convince algorithms to give us more time and space. We fight with others as well as with ourselves to grab more people’s attention.

Know thyself

Let’s be honest, do you truly know who you are? Are you clear on your values and passions? Do you have a clear idea about what your signature strengths are and what type of personality you are?

Seeking Happiness

When have we decided that striving for HAPPINESS isn’t cool anymore? Or was it even ever cool to admit that all you really want in life is to be happy? Tell me honestly, what’s your ultimate goal in life and business?

Dealing with imposter again and again

There’s been a lot said about ‘overcoming’ your imposter, that for a while I’ve considered if it makes any sense to add to the noise. What value am I adding with my post? Why should anyone care about my experience and perspective on this subject… 

You don’t have to go it alone

Why is it so important to surround yourself with like-minded people when running a business? It’s hard to be the only one in your business who can and has to deal with all the ups and downs, who needs to manage all the customer enquiries, do all the marketing and admin and mainly deliver all […]

Dealing with loneliness as an introvert

Is it harder or easier on introverts during the pandemic and global lockdown? Does it matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert when it comes to feeling lonely, isolated, frustrated or anxious and depressed during the pandemic?

Taking control back!

Who’s the driver of your life? Are you the one in the driver’s seat or have you given up the control over your vehicle? In my post last week I touched on the topic of Taking Control Back this year. And it’s a big one for me!

Saying NO and setting boundaries

Hands up who’s good at saying NO! Well done if you’re one of those people who can easily say NO. You must be one of those rare people who are able to have clearly set boundaries. For me, it’s an ongoing journey that takes me two steps forward and one step back…