Saying NO and setting boundaries

Hands up who’s good at saying NO! Well done if you’re one of those people who can easily say NO. You must be one of those rare people who are able to have clearly set boundaries. For me, it’s an ongoing journey that takes me two steps forward and one step back…

Finding myself and finding my way

What do you do when you feel lost and don’t know where you’re heading? How do you get out of this confusing ‘funk’ where nothing seems clear and everything feels overwhelming? Let’s go back a little and see where it all started (most likely).

What do you do, when you no longer know where you’re going?

Let me explain what I mean… What if things happen in life that force you to cancel your plans, change your plans many times and force you to head into a new direction that you didn’t choose?

What I learnt this week… networking and solitude

The last few weeks have been really hectic. Actually, the whole month of September has been really busy so far – so let’s keep this roundup short and sweet.