Finding myself and finding my way

What do you do when you feel lost and don’t know where you’re heading? How do you get out of this confusing ‘funk’ where nothing seems clear and everything feels overwhelming? Let’s go back a little and see where it all started (most likely).

The Best Podcasts for Badass Entrepreneurs

After being constantly asked about podcast recommendations, I published a list of my favourite podcasts a while ago. Since then, I’ve added lots more to my regular playlist and I thought it’s about time I share an updated list with you.

What I learnt this week… feel the fear and do it anyway

I did lots of speaking last week and I’m really grateful that I now have a few days off to be silent and listen to the sound of the waves in Portugal.

What I learnt this week… build the business of YOU

Hi there, can I ask you a question? How old were you when you started your business (or your first business)?

What I learnt this week… people can surprise you

This past week was my last week back home. After my dad’s sudden death, I’ve spent almost a month with my family. I was as excited to go back to work and see my friends as I was terrified to leave my mum alone.

What I learnt this week… dealing with very hard times

This was probably the hardest roundup I’ve written so far. My 2018 didn’t start well. After a challenging first week it went straight downhill.

What I learnt this week… dealing with New Year’s Blues

So, 2018 is finally here. And even though I don’t usually set myself any New Year’s resolutions – as I believe that you should take an action when you feel like you want to change something – I have high expectations of what the New Year will bring for me personally and business-wise.

What I learnt during the holidays… putting yourself first

As I mentioned in my previous roundup, visiting my parents is always a bit tricky. I love going back home and seeing everyone again, but it’s also really challenging staying positive and calm.

My favourite podcasts of 2017 you should listen to in 2018

I’ve always loved reading books, but since the majority of my working day requires me to stare at a screen, I find it increasingly hard to read.